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José Pablo Anleu. Photographer, Wanderlust kid.

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Gretel and Mauro: Wedding Day from Jose Pablo Anleu on Vimeo.

Francela & Mathias : Wedding Day from Jose Pablo Anleu on Vimeo.

mafergelpcke asked: Ya hice tumblr 😁 Best 📷teacher ever... Ahora tengo una adicción más 🙈 (eso sonó feo 👀) jaja bueno tú entendes ☺️

Hahahahaha tumblr es una increíble fuente de inspiración! Pero sí, es adictivo!!!

Pauli & Emanuel: Wedding Day from Jose Pablo Anleu on Vimeo.

A magical and beautiful day in a mountain, and a lovely and super fun couple.

Anonymous asked: ¿Qué lente(s) usas para tus fotografías?

35 mm 2.8, 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8 principalmente!

Xime y Luispe WEDDING DAY from Jose Pablo Anleu on Vimeo.

The beautiful story of Ximena and Luis Pedro, on the start of their new adventure in life.

Shot, edited and color corrected by Eddie Lara and myself.

Chasing Waterfalls - An Instagram x Guatemala adventure from Jose Pablo Anleu on Vimeo.

This is our story, this is our adventure, this is what we do.
And we love it.

Shot for fun and love, for Instagram’s 8th Worldwide Instameet

With several #jumpstagram #fromwhereistand #wildsights #justgoshoot #makeportraits #caughtgramming #brbchasinglight appearances



Me by my awesome friend Jose Oquendo

complexvodka asked: Hola foresthearted! Me encanta tu trabajo, es increíble. PD: casacafe here hahaha

hellocoffee! hahaha muchas gracias vos :’) 


One temporary escape.He was so into Young Blood in that moment. 

Didn’t even notice. YB.